IA Security Specialist/Engineer

IA Security Specialist/Engineer
Operational CY Assessment Team Member


  • Minimum of DOD 8570 IAM II or IAT II Certification. IAM II: CAP, GSLC, CISM, CASP CE, CISSP (or Associate), or IAT II: GSEC, Security + CE, SSCP, CCNA-Security
  • Must have a final Secret clearance, with a successfully adjudicated Single-Scope Background Investigation, SSBI or T5.
  • Must be able to obtain a Top Secret/SCI clearance.

Telesis Corporation is sourcing for Cybersecurity professionals to perform as Operational Assessment team members with strong operational Information Assurance experience. The teams will be responsible for assisting C4 CY in the system security engineering review processes, to include cyber security assessments, security test and evaluation (ST&E) review, establishing and updating system security test methodologies and reporting, oversight and direction of internal staff assistance ST&E. The contractor shall also assist the government in the oversight and direction of operating forces internal ST&E.

In order to defend effectively in the current environment, the contractor shall assist the Marine Corps in accomplishing the following:

Operational CY Assessment Teams
The contractor shall provide system security engineers, to assess centralized and distributed MCEN networks. These teams shall support the internal, scheduled robust staff-assist system security assessments of Marine Corps systems world-wide; and support the internal system security self-assessments completed by the regional CY staff on systems to which they have oversight and responsibility. The contractor shall directly support the MCEN Enterprise Approving Official (AO) in meeting the Marine Corps goals by performing system security evaluations for secure operation of IT Systems across the MCEN, using Marine Corps and DoD approved security tools and methodologies.

The contractor shall operate automated tools to quickly and accurately identify systems that are exploitable for a given vulnerability or are insecurely configured. Apply tested and approved system patches to mitigate vulnerabilities as patches become available or adjust system configurations.

Inspections and Assessments

  • Provide capability to conduct remote compliance checking of applicable systems and applications, evidence of past intrusions, and security reviews of application hosting environments.
  • Provide capability to conduct Wireless, Windows, Unix, Linux, Database, and Application, infrastructure security assessments in accordance with the DISA STIGs, and DoD and USMC guidance.
  • Provide capability to locate and assess ICS/SCADA systems on the MCEN.
  • Provide mitigation plan within 10 business days of assessment.

Regional and Programmatic Support
Provide capability to conduct automated source code review for systems and application on MCEN

  • Provide full evaluation of the security and mission assurance status of the MCEN, to include security configuration and patching, contingency and disaster recovery planning, security objective validation, and end-user IA awareness.
  • Provide periodic, recurring vulnerability testing and remediation efforts for all organizations within the Regional Area of Responsibility (AOR) and provide remediation recommendations. AOR includes support for deploying forces as an integrated element of pre-deployment work-ups and exercises.
  • Provide support to the government in updating and promulgating of the integrated Marine Corps CY Assessment Team Concept of Operations (ConOps) to leverage available assessment resources. The support shall incorporate unit or command ISSMs and IA Technicians, Marine Corps Operational Testing & Evaluation Activity (MCOTEA), and MCNOSC resources to provide a repeatable process for assessment of the MCEN.
  • Provide support to the government in developing and promulgating an integrated assessment teams testing schedule. The testing schedule shall optimize available resources to best meet the testing and mitigation priorities of the Marine Corps.
  • Implement a periodic vulnerability scanning process that uses the Marine Corps IA workforce to ensure that all systems are maintained in compliance with required patch levels and secure configuration policies (protection against security degradation).
  • Adopt and propose hardened system configurations in order to minimize exposure to emerging vulnerabilities.
  • Implement host and network level defense components to protect against vulnerabilities before they are made public or in situations when exploits are available prior to system patch release.
  • Provide recommendations of threat and vulnerability mitigation; conducted by means of architecture review, documentation review, security scanning and scanning results review, and configuration verification.
  • Monitor system documentation and status metrics in accordance with federal law and the appropriate DoD, DON, and Marine Corps directive, and policy, e.g., total number of accreditation decisions, contingency planning & testing, training conducted, and security reviews completed.

Desired Experience and Education

  • 3 years conducting DoD network assessments
  • 5 years of experience conducting code reviews
  • 4 years' experience conducting ICS/SCADA inspections
  • 2 years' experience in conduction training
  • Additional Industry certifications
    • CEH
    • RHCE
    • CCIE
    • Windows certification
    • GIAC
    • Fortify
    • SSLP
    • eWPT
  • Experience using and analyzing results of security, system auditing and hacking tools.
    • ACAS,
    • HBSS,
    • Splunk,
    • Log Event reviewer,
    • HB Gary,
    • Web Inspect,
    • FOCA,
    • NSA Tools,
    • LanSweeper
  • Strong working knowledge of networking and router technologies, as well as network security issues,
  • Experience analyzing and communicating network security issues to peers and to management.
  • Experience using and analyzing results of mobile code, malicious code, and anti-virus software
  • Ability to run data harvesting tools to locate and test ICS/SCADA system on the MCEN


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