Directly supporting the warfighter, TELESIS provides engineering services, new equipment training and cross training development for Army Battle Command Fielded Systems. TELESIS provides mission critical Field Support Engineers in support of U.S. Army and Air Force. TELESIS’ Trainers develop and train Tactical Mission Command certification courses. They develop enterprise server training courses for Mission Command FSRs and develop training courses which are more intuitive and reduce the soldiers dependency on FSR support for sustainment. TELESIS has on staff Microsoft Certified Trainers to deliver Application and Server Operator and Maintenance Training and to provide a unified Training Structure to the warfighter.

Our engineers bring over a decade of experience in providing field technical support to several Mission Command systems. Our goal is to reduce life cycle costs via efficiencies while optimizing Warfighter support by providing excellence in: Training; Fielding; FSRs that are adept at technically supporting fielded battle command systems and Tier 1, 2, 3, SME Help Desk support while employing a tiered structure to elevate trouble tickets and leverage remote troubleshooting capabilities.

TELESIS’ domain experience has been developed and refined over a decade of field support in training, testing, and Army exercise support in CONUS and OCONUS locations. Our highly respected Field Support Engineers have been working closely with our customers to deliver Mission Success to the warfighter during Operation Enduring Freedom, Operation Iraqi Freedom, Unit exercises, Training, Fielding, Testing, and NIE.

While our FSRs are regionally based, we offer established procedures for deploying FSRs to OCONUS combat zones. TELESIS uses an Integrated Master Schedule to track FSR deployments, training schedules, certifications etc. for Mission Command activities. Our expertise in development of integrated portals on .mil domains to manage new and changing requirements from Mission Command is second to none.

TELESIS’s engineers support our customer’s vision to be more global, dynamic, scalable, customizable, and secure in a manner that enhances the operational adaptability to collaborate, decide and lead. We are prepared to integrate applications across the war fighting functions to provide a robust common operating environment and a common infrastructure across the mission command applications to enable robust information sharing and synchronization.

TELESIS has been Mission Command’s Small Business partner since 2000, dedicated to Mission Success!